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 right triangular prism
 right-angled triangle
 right-hand limit
 right-hand side
 right-handed limits
 right-handed system
 rising equation to power
 Rolle’s theorem
 rolling dice
 rolling two dice
 root extraction of complex numbers
 root extraction of complex numbers in polar form
 root extraction of complex numbers using De Moivre’s formula
 root of equation
 root of linear function
 root of polynomial in denominator
 root of translated odd power function
 root sign
 root test
 roots and abscissas of turning points of source quartics of types 4/1 to 4/6
 roots are points where function changes sign
 roots are solutions of equation f (x) = 0
 roots of complex numbers De Moivre’s formulas
 roots of cosine function
 roots of cotangent function
 roots of cubic
 roots of cubic functions
 roots of denominator
 roots of equivalent function
 roots of function
 roots of polynomial
 roots of polynomial function
 roots of quadratic equation
 roots of quartic function
 roots of quintic function
 roots of sine function
 roots of tangent function
 roots of translated even power function
 roots of translated monomial function
 roots of translated power function
 roots of translated sextic function
 roots or zeros of cosine function
 roots or zeros of cotangent function
 roots or zeros of function
 roots or zeros of polynomial function
 roots or zeros of quadratic equation
 roots or zeros of sine function
 roots or zeros of tangent function
 rotates around base bisector
 rotates around greater base
 rotates around leg of right triangle
 rotation around axis which passes through vertex
 rotation of right triangle around one of its legs
 rotation of semicircle around diameter
 round angle
 round parentheses
 round parentheses indicate exclusion of endpoints
 round parentheses indicate exclusion of endpoints of interval
 round parentheses indicates exclusion of infinity
 row vector
 rows and columns of determinant
 rule for differentiating product of two differentiable functions
 rule for n-th term of sequence
 rule to calculate nth term of sequence
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