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 extended mean value theorem
 exterior angles
 exterior angles of triangle
 exterior angles subtended by tangent and focal radius of ellipse
 extraneous solution
 extraneous solution does not satisfy original equation
 extraneous solutions cause denominator in the equation to be zero
 extreme of quadratic function
 extreme points
 extreme value theorem
 extremes maximum and minimum of cosine function
 extremes maximum and minimum of sine function
 extremes of cosine function
 extremes of function
 extremes of sine function
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 f associates each element of domain with unit element of co-domain
 f is decreasing on interval
 f is increasing on interval
 f represents all operations to be performed
 f (x) = arc sin x
 f (x) = arc cos x
 f (x) = arc tan x
 f (x) = arc cot x
 f (x) = arc csc x
 f (x) = arc sec x
 f (x) =  sin x
 f (x) =  cos x
 f (x) =  tan x
 f (x) =  cot x
 f (x) =  csc x
 f (x) =  sec x
 face’s diagonals
 factor numerator and denominator
 factor quadratic trinomial
 factorial is defined for all positive integers
 factoring algebraic expressions
 factoring algebraic expressions by finding greatest common factor
 factoring algebraic expressions examples
 factoring algebraic expressions using method of greatest common factor
 factoring algebraic expressions using sum or difference of cubes
 factoring and expanding algebraic expressions
 factoring binomial
 factoring by grouping
 factoring cubic polynomial
 factoring cubic polynomial example
 factoring numerator and denominator
 factoring out minus sign
 factoring polynomials
 factoring quadratic polynomial
 factoring quadratic trinomial
 factoring trinomials
 factoring using perfect square trinomials
 factoring using perfect square trinomials - square of binomials
 factorize expression
 factorizing algebraic expressions
 factorizing quadratic trinomial
 favorable outcomes
 fifth degree polynomial
 final value of investment
 find the least common denominator of all terms
 finding and classifying critical or stationary points
 finding arcs or angles
 finding area of triangle tangent to ellipse forms by coordinate axes
 finding coefficient of kth term of binomial expansion
 finding extreme points
 finding intervals in which function is increasing or decreasing
 finding inverse function examples
 finding number of combinations of size r
 finding number of variations with repetition of size r from binary digits
 finding points at which line intersects circle
 finding points of inflection
 finding successive derivatives
 finding the least common denominator of all terms
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