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 system of two linear equations in two unknowns represented graphically
 system of two linear equations in two variables
 systems of linear equations
 systems of linear inequalities
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 table of derivatives
 table of indefinite integrals
 table of integrals
 table of relations between trigonometric functions of the same angle
 table of signs of trigonometric functions
 table of values of trigonometric functions
 tail of vector
 taken r at a time
 tan x
 tan x = a and cot x = a
 tangency condition
 tangency condition for hyperbola
 tangency condition for parabola
 tangency condition of ellipse
 tangency criteria
 tangency point
 tangency point bisects line segment of tangent between asymptotes
 tangency points are equidistant from focus and directrics
 tangency points of lower sphere
 tangency points of upper sphere
 tangent and cotangent functions relations
 tangent and cotangent functions relationships
 tangent and normal at point on parabola
 tangent at point of ellipse is perpendicular to bisector of angle between focal  radii
 tangent at point on hyperbola bisects angle subtended by focal radii
 tangent at point on parabola bisects angle
 tangent curve
 tangent from point to circle
 tangent function
 tangent function and cotangent function graphs and relations
 tangent function behavior and monotony
 tangent law or tangent rule
 tangent line of curve at point
 tangent line through point
 tangent line y = 1
 tangent lines parallel to x-axis
 tangent of acute angle
 tangent of an angle
 tangent of angle between direction of line and x-axis
 tangent of angle between direction of secant line and x-axis
 tangent of angle between line and positive direction of x-axis
 tangent of angle in right triangle
 tangent of angle through point of inflection equals value of coefficient of source  cubic polynomial
 tangent of arc x
 tangent of double angle
 tangent of x
 tangent parallel to secant line
 tangent to circle perpendicular to given line
 tangent to curve
 tangent to curve at infinity
 tangent x = 1
 tangential quadrilaterals
 tangent-line x = 1
 tangent-line y = 1
 tangents are perpendicular bisectors of line segments
 tangents drawn at points of intersections
 tangents drown from point exterior to spheres
 tangents from point exterior to ellipse
 tangents of ellipse from point outside ellipse
 tangents to circle from point outside the circle
 tangents to circles 
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