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 j is unit vector in the direction of the y-axis
 join is binary operator
 --    --
 k is unit vector in the direction of the z-axis
 kinetic equation of free fall
 kinetic quantity
 kite or deltoid
 --    --
 label geometric elements
 Lagrange form of remainder
 last term
 lateral area
 lateral area of cone
 lateral area of prism
 lateral edge
 lateral edges of pyramid
 lateral faces
 lateral faces are triangles
 lateral side
 lateral side of triangle
 lateral surface area
 lateral surface area of cone
 latus rectum
 latus rectum of parabola
 law of cosine
 law of sine
 lcm - least common multiple
 leading coefficient
 leading coefficient of polynomial
 least common multiple - lcm
 least upper bound
 leave inequality symbol unchanged
 left and right side of equality
 left side of equation
 left side of inequality
 left-hand limit
 leg inclined to base
 legs of triangle
 Leibnitzís alternating series test
 Leibniz formula
 length is decreased
 length of arc
 length of arrow represents vectorís magnitude
 length of chord
 length of circle
 length of lateral edge
 length of median
 length of normal
 length of plane curve
 length of radius vector
 length of side of base
 length of tangent
 length of vector
 less than
 less than zero 
 level of accuracy
 L'Hospital's rule
 light rays coming parallel to axis of parabolic mirror
 light rays reflected off parabolic mirror pass through focus
 like terms
 limit at infinity
 limit comparison test
 limit of difference quotient
 limit of function
 limit of function laws
 limit of function properties
 limit of function theorems
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