Limit of a function properties (theorems or laws)
         Squeeze rule
         Composition rule
         Limits of functions properties use, examples
Limit properties
Assume that  exist and that c is any constant. Then,
   11.   Squeeze rule
           If   f(x) < g(x) < h(x)  for all x in an open interval that contains a, except possibly at x = a
   12.  Composition rule
           If   f(x) is continuous at x = b and  
Limits of functions properties use examples
Limits that are commonly used are written below for easy reference,
By comparing the area of the sector of the arc x with
areas of the two right triangles, the smaller triangle
with legs sin x and cos x, and the bigger triangle with
legs tan x and 1, shown on the right figure, we get
Since the left and the right side of the last inequality
tend to the same limit 1, as x tends to 0 then,
applying the squeeze rule obtained is
the fundamental or basic trigonometric limit. Note that the arc length x is measured in radians.
since both factors on the right tend to 1, as x tends to 0, then
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