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 function has derivative
 function has integral
 function increasing in value
 function is decreasing
 function is differentiable
 function is increasing
 function is integrable on an interval
 function is one-to-one
 function is rule of association
 function notation
 function of function
 function of time t
 function passes vertical line test
 function's rule
 function starts decreasing
 function stops increasing
 function's tangent passes through all values from range of minus infinity to plus infinity
 function terminology
 function value
 function values
 function whose composition with given function is identity function
 function's behavior
 function's codomain
 function's notation
 function's range
 function's values tends to constant value
 fundamental laws of algebra of sets
 fundamental laws of exponents
 fundamental theorem of calculus
 fundamental theorem of differential calculus
 fundamental theorem of integral calculus
 fundamental trigonometric identity
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 Gauss plane
 general equation of circle
 general equation of circle in polar coordinates
 general equation of circle in polar form
 general equation of circle with centre S(p q)
 general equation of plane in 3D space
 general form of cubic function
 general form of cubic polynomial
 general form of equation of line
 general form of polynomial
 general form of quadratic polynomial
 general form of quartic polynomial
 general or standard form of quadratic equation
 general or translatable form of polynomial
 general or translated form of polynomial
 general principle of convergence
 general solution
 general solution of differential equation
 general solution of trigonometric equation
 general term
 general term of arithmetic sequence
 general term of geometric sequence
 general term of series
 generalization of mean value theorem
 generalized power rule
 generated by rotation of rectangular around one of its sides as axis of revolution
 generated solid of revolution
 generating line intersects circle
 generating segment
 generator of cone
 geometric interpretation of definite integral
 geometric progression
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