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 curve is symmetrical about x-axis
 curve is symmetrical about y-axis
 cutting plane
 cutting plane inclined to axis of cone
 cutting plane parallel to any generator
 cutting plane parallel to any generator of cone
 cyclic quadrilateral
 cyclometric functions
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 data processed by computer
 De Morganís laws
 decay rate
 decimal complement
 decimal degree DEG mode
 decimal degrees
 decimal division
 decimal equivalent
 decimal expansion
 decimal fractions
 decimal numbers
 decimal numbers scientific notation
 decimal places
 decimal point
 decimal representation
 decimal representation of fractions
 decimal representation of rational numbers
 decimal system
 decimal to binary conversion
 decimal with limited number of digits
 decrease in the same ratio
 decreasing function
 decreasing intervals of function
 decreasing intervals of graph of function
 decreasing sequence
 decreasing test
 defined for arguments x
 definite and indefinite integrals
 definite integral
 definite integral of even function
 definite integral of nonnegative and non positive functions
 definite integral of odd function
 definite integral over interval of zero length
 definite integral with infinite limits of integration
 definite number of terms
 definition of absolute value
 definition of Boolean algebra
 definition of definite integral
 definition of derivative of function
 definition of ellipse
 definition of geometric sequence
 definition of hyperbola
 definition of hyperbolic functions
 definition of increasing and decreasing
 definition of inverse function
 definition of limit of function
 definition of limit of sequence
 definition of logarithm
 definition of monotony
 definition of parabola
 definition of polynomial
 definition of polynomial function
 definition of polynomial or polynomial function
 definition of real number e
 definition of set
 definition of slope of line
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