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 unary operation
 unbounded intervals
 unequal length
 unique element of codomain
 unique real number
 unique sequence of binary digits
 unique solution
 unique value
 unit circle
 unit interval
 unit length
 unit of measurement of angles
 unit of measurement of arcs (angles)
 unit vector
 unit vector of radius vector
 unit vector of vector
 unit vectors
 universal set
 unknown arc
 unknown values
 unlimited number of digits
 unordered arrangement of n objects
 unrolled side surface of cone
 upper limit
 upper limit of integration
 upper sum and lower sum
 upper sum of areas
 upper triangular matrix
 use formula for permutations of n objects some of which are the same
 use of chain rule solved problems
 use of composition rule to evaluate limits of functions
 use of cosine law
 use of Cramer’s rule for solving systems of linear equations
 use of de Moivre’s formulas
 use of definition to find derivative of logarithmic function
 use of differential to approximate value of function
 use of Euler’s formula to write complex number in polar coordinates
 use of integration by parts formula
 use of integration by parts formula examples
 use of integration by parts repeatedly
 use of integration by parts rule
 use of logarithmic differentiation
 use of logarithms
 use of logarithms to simplify mathematics operations
 use of Moivre’s formulas
 use of natural exponential function
 use of Newton's method example
 use of parametric equations examples
 use of parametric equations solved problems
 use of partial fraction decomposition to integrate proper rational function
 use of partial fraction decomposition to integrate proper rational function examples
 use of power rule
 use of power rule and chain rule
 use of quotient rule
 use of rule of three
 use of rules and properties of logarithms
 use of rules of exponentiation
 use of sine law
 use of substitution changes the limits of integration
 use of tangency condition
 use of tangency condition of ellipse
 use of Taylor's or Maclaurin's formula
 using binary number system
 using definitions of trigonometric functions
 using determinants to solve system of linear equations
 using variety of methods to factorize algebraic expressions
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