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 volume of octahedron
 volume of prisms
 volume of pyramids
 volume of regular hexagonal pyramid
 volume of right pyramidal frustum
 volume of right square prism
 volume of solids generated by rotation
 volume of solid of revolution
 volume of sphere
 volume of spherical cap
 volume of spherical segment
 volume of tetrahedron
 volume of triangular pyramid
 vulgar fraction
 vulgar fractions in lowest terms
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 weakly monotone
 whole number part
 whole numbers
 width is increased
 word problems
 word problems that lead to simple linear equations
 work problems
 writing equation from text
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 x approaches negative infinity
 x-axis as horizontal asymptote
 x-axis is horizontal asymptote of graph of exponential function
 x-coordinate of terminal point of arc x
 x-intercept of logarithmic function
 x-intercept of normal
 x-intercept of tangent
 x-intercept of tangent of ellipse
 x-intercepts of function
 x-intercepts of graph
 x-intercepts of polynomial functions
 x-intercepts or roots
 xy-coordinate plane
 xz-coordinate plane
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 y-axis as vertical asymptote
 y-axis is vertical asymptote of logarithmic function
 y-coordinate of terminal point of arc x
 years of saving
 y-intercept of function
 y-intercept of polynomial
 y-intercept of polynomial functions
 y-intercept of quadratic function
 y-intercept of tangent 
 y-intercept of tangent equals half of ordinate of tangency point
 yz-coordinate plane
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 zero as exponent
 zero or null vector
 zero or x-intercept of linear function
 zero polynomial
 zero product principle
 zeroes or zeros
 zeros of function
 zeros of polynomial function
 zeros or roots of quadratic function
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