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 hyperbolic cotangent function
 hyperbolic functions defined in terms of exponential functions
 hyperbolic sine function
 hyperbolic tangent function
 hypotenuse of right triangle
 hypotenuse to adjacent side
 hypotenuse to opposite side
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 i is unit vector in the direction of the x-axis
 idempotent law
 identical equation
 identical equation is true for all values of variable
 identical size and shape
 identity function
 identity law
 identity matrix
 imaginary and complex numbers
 imaginary axis
 imaginary axis of hyperbola
 imaginary numbers
 imaginary numbers basic definition
 imaginary part
 imaginary part of complex number
 imaginary unit
 implicit differentiation
 implicit differentiation solved problems
 important binomial products
 improper fractions
 improper integral solved problems
 improper integrals
 in Greek means deficiency
 in Greek means equality
 in Greek means excess
 incentre is point of intersection of bisectors of angles
 incircle is inscribed circle
 incircle radius
 inclined to base at angle
 inclined to x-axis
 including endpoints
 inconsistent equations
 increase in the same ratio
 increases or decreases
 increases to infinity
 increasing function
 increasing function intervals
 increasing order
 increasing sequence
 increasing test
 increasing/decreasing test
 indefinite integral
 indefinite integral applications
 indefinite integrals containing quadratic polynomial solved problems
 indefinite integrals containing quadratic trinomial
 independent equations
 independent system of equations
 independent variable
 independent variable changes
 independent variable or argument
 index laws
 index or exponent
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