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 inequalities of real numbers
 inequality signs
 infimum or greatest lower bound
 infinite decimals 
 infinite geometric series
 infinite length
 infinite limits
 infinite many arcs
 infinite number of solutions
 infinite number of terms
 infinite sequence
 infinite sequence of sums
 infinite series
 infinite sum of natural numbers
 infinitely differentiable function
 infinitely differentiable on interval
 infinitely many solutions
 inflection point
 inflection points of function
 inflection points of qurtic function
 initial amount
 initial investment
 initial point
 initial point for measuring arc
 initial point of arc
 initial position
 initial side of angle lies along positive x-axis
 initial value of investment
 inner circle
 inner product
 innermost parentheses
 input values of sets
 inradius is radius of incircle
 inscribed angle
 inscribed circle
 inscribed rectangles
 inscribed spheres touch conical surface and plane
 inscribed spheres touch plane
 inside function
 inside the absolute value bars
 instantaneous rate of change of function
 instantaneous rate of change or derivative of function
 instrument for measuring angles
 integer exponents
 integer part
 integrable on closed interval
 integrable over interval
 integral calculus
 integral converges
 integral diverge
 integral exponentiation
 integral multiple of constant value
 integral multiples of constant interval
 integral multiplier
 integral of the sum or difference of two functions
 integral part
 integral represents algebraic sum of areas
 integrals of hyperbolic functions
 integrals of rational functions
 integrals of rational functions containing sine and cosine
 integrals with exponentials
 integrals with hyperbolic functions
 integrals with logarithmic functions
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