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 introducing an auxiliary angle method
 introducing an auxiliary angle method example
 introducing new unknown t = tan x/2
 introducing new unknown t = tan x/2 example
 introduction to functions
 inverse cosecant function
 inverse cotangent function
 inverse exponential function
 inverse function
 inverse function is reflection about line f (x) = x
 inverse function undoes procedure of original function
 inverse functions
 inverse functions are symmetrical with respect to line y = x
 inverse logarithmic function
 inverse matrix method
 inverse of cosecant function
 inverse of cosine function
 inverse of cosine function is arc-cosine function
 inverse of cotangent function
 inverse of exponential function
 inverse of logarithmic function
 inverse of matrix
 inverse of regular square matrix
 inverse of secant function
 inverse of sine function
 inverse of square of x function
 inverse of squaring 
 inverse of tangent function
 inverse order
 inverse proportion
 inverse proportion practical problems
 inverse proportionality
 inverse ratio
 inverse secant function
 inverse sine function is arc sine function
 inverse tangent and inverse cotangent functions relations
 inverse trigonometric functions
 inverse trigonometric functions arc-functions
 inverse trigonometric functions or arc-functions and their graphs
 inversely proportional quantities
 irrational denominator
 irrational equations
 irrational numbers
 irreducible fractions
 isolate terms with variable in them on one side of equation
 isolate variables
 isosceles trapezium or trapezoid
 isosceles trapezoid
 isosceles triangle
 isosceles triangle formulas
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