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 integrals with roots
 integrals with trigonometric functions
 integrand becomes infinite between limits of integration
 integrating irrational functions
 integrating rational functions
 integration by parts rule
 integration inverse of differentiation
 integrations by parts and definite integral
 intercept form of equation of line
 intercept of normal with x-axis
 interchange rows and columns of cofactor matrix
 interchanging rows and columns
 interchanging two rows or columns changes sign of determinant
 interest calculation
 interest rate
 interior angle of regular polygon
 interior angle subtended by focal radii of ellipse
 interior angles
 intermediate value theorem
 internal addition of definite integral
 intersect in line
 intersecting plane
 intersecting plane is inclined to vertical axis
 intersection curve is circle
 intersection curve is ellipse
 intersection curve is hyperbola
 intersection curve is locus of points in plane
 intersection curve is parabola
 intersection of all three altitudes of triangle
 intersection of altitudes
 intersection of altitudes of triangle
 intersection of ellipse and line
 intersection of ellipse with x-axis
 intersection of ellipse with y-axis
 intersection of line and circle
 intersection point
 intersection point must satisfy tangency condition
 intersection point of hyperbola with coordinate axes
 intersection point of line and plane
 intersection point of line and plane in three dimensional plane
 intersection point of lines
 intersection point of two lines
 intersection points of two curves 
 intersections are tangency points of ellipse
 intersections of polar and ellipse
 intersections of polar and parabola are tangency points
 intersections of sets
 intersections of sets of partial solutions
 intersects graph of function
 intersects the x-axis
 interval contains all real numbers
 interval definition
 interval definition and notation
 interval notation
 interval notation of solution
 interval of convergence
 interval of integration
 interval of length
 intervals of concavity
 intervals of concavity of function
 intervals of independent variable
 intervals on x-axis
 intervals where function is increasing or decreasing
 into cube inscribed is regular tetrahedron
 into right triangular prism inscribed is sphere
 into sphere inscribed is cone
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