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 notations of horizontally and vertically translated functions
 notations of translations
 n-sided polygon
 nth degree polynomial
 nth degree polynomial has at most n real roots 
 nth partial sum of power series
 nth partial sums
 nth root
 nth root radicals
 n-th term test for divergence of series
 null matrix
 null set
 null vector
 null vector’s tail and head coincide
 number n tends to infinity
 number of columns of first matrix
 number of combinations
 number of combinations of size r
 number of diagonals
 number of diagonals of polygon
 number of digits
 number of distinct combinations
 number of favorable outcomes
 number of favourable outcomes that event occurs
 number of partition points tends to infinity
 number of permutations
 number of permuted combinations with repetition
 number of polygon sides
 number of sides of polygon
 number of times root repeats
 number of variations formula
 number of variations of size r
 number of variations with repetition
 number of variations with repetition formula
 number of variations with repetition of size r
 number of ways to chose r objects from set of n different objects
 number problems
 numbers word problems
 numerator and denominator are polynomials
 numeric expression
 numerical and non numerical data
 numerical and variable bases
 numerical circle
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 objects arranged in raw
 objects selected from n objects
 oblique asymptotes
 oblique circular cone
 oblique or scalene triangle
 oblique or scalene triangle solved problems
 oblique or slant asymptote
 oblique or slant asymptote of rational function
 oblique prism
 oblique pyramid
 oblique triangle
 oblique triangle is defined by three of its parts
 oblique triangle solved problems
 oblique triangles properties
 oblique triangles rules
 oblique-angled parallelogram
 obtuse angle
 obtuse triangle
 occurrence of an event
 occurrence of one event affects outcome of others
 occurrence of one event does not affect probability of any of others
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