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 translation of original quadratic function in direction of the y-axis
 translation of polynomial function
 translation of principal square root function in direction of x-axis
 translation of reciprocal function
 translation of rectangular hyperbola with coordinate axes as its asymptotes
 translation of source linear function
 translation of source quadratic function
 translation of source quadratic function in direction of x-axis
 translation of source quadratic function in direction of y-axis
 translations of the graph of function in direction of coordinate axes
 translations of graph of quadratic polynomial example
 transpose of cofactor matrix
 transpose of matrix
 transposition of formula
 transposition of formula examples
 transposition of matrix
 transverse axis 
 transverse semi axis
 trapezium or trapezoid
 trapeziumís median
 travel distance problems
 travel problems
 three equations in three unknowns
 triangle formulas
 triangle problems and solutions
 triangle rotates around line passing through vertex
 triangle rule and parallelogram rule
 triangle solved problems
 triangleís circumcenter
 triangleís circumcenter angle bisector
 triangleís orthocenter
 triangles are congruent if they have identical size and shape
 triangles categorized by angles
 triangles categorized by sides
 triangles' main properties
 triangular array
 triangular array of integers
 triangular matrix
 triangular pyramid
 trigonometric circle
 trigonometric equation cos x = a
 trigonometric equation cot x = a
 trigonometric equation sin x = a
 trigonometric equation tan x = a
 trigonometric equation,  a sin2 x + b sin x cos x + cos2 x = 0
 trigonometric equations
 trigonometric equations examples
 trigonometric equations of quadratic form
 trigonometric equations that can be written f * g = 0
 trigonometric equations type, a cos x + b sin x = c
 trigonometric equations use of auxiliary angle method
 trigonometric equations use of new variable t = tan x/2
 trigonometric form of complex number
 trigonometric formulas
 trigonometric functions
 trigonometric functions and inverse trigonometric functions
 trigonometric functions are periodic functions
 trigonometric functions basics
 trigonometric functions defined in terms of coordinates of terminal point
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