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 reciprocal value of tangent function
 rectangular coordinate axes
 rectangular coordinate system
 rectangular hyperbola
 rectangular or equilateral hyperbola
 rectangular parallelepiped
 rectangular prism
 rectangular prism diagonal
 rectangular prism surface
 rectangular prism volume
 rectangular to parametric equations conversion
 recurring cycle
 recurring decimal less than one
 recurring decimals
 recurring infinite decimals
 recurring part
 recurring periodic decimals
 recursion formulas
 recursive definition
 recursive formula
 recursive procedure formula
 reduce given expression
 reduce given expression to simpler form
 reduce rational expression to lowest term
 reducing answer to lowest term
 reducing expression to simplest form
 reducing fractions
 reducing rational expressions
 reducing rational expressions to lowest terms
 reducing to lowest terms
 reference angles
 reference rectangle of hyperbola
 reflected about line
 reflected rays pass through focus of parabolic mirror
 reflection about the line y = x
 reflection about the x-axis
 reflection around the y-axis
 reflection of graph of function
 reflection of graph of function about the x-axis
 reflection of graph of function across the x-axis
 reflections of graph of function
 reflections of graph of polynomial function
 reflections of graph of quadratic function
 reflective property of parabola
 reflects graph of function about y-axis
 reflex angle
 reflexive property of parabola
 reflexive relation
 region below x-axis
 region enclosed between two concentric circles
 region of coordinate plane
 region under graph
 registers carry
 regular decagon
 regular dodecagon
 regular heptagon
 regular hexagon
 regular hexagonal prism
 regular hexagonal pyramid
 regular octahedron
 regular partition
 regular pentagon
 regular polygons
 regular polyhedrons
 regular pyramids
 regular right hexagonal prism
 regular right triangular prism
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