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 ratio of adjacent to opposite side
 ratio of distances from focus to directrix
 ratio of each two successive terms
 ratio of highest degree term coefficients
 ratio of hypotenuse to adjacent side
 ratio of hypotenuse to opposite side
 ratio of length of right triangle sides
 ratio of lengths of opposite to adjacent side of right triangle
 ratio of opposite side to hypotenuse
 ratio of opposite to adjacent side
 ratio of right triangle sides
 ratio of rise and run
 ratio of side adjacent to angle to hypotenuse
 ratio of side opposite angle to hypotenuse
 ratio of sides
 ratio of sides of right triangle
 ratio of sine and cosine functions
 ratio of successive terms
 ratio of two polynomials
 ratio of vertical change to horizontal change of function
 ratio of volumes
 ratio test
 rational denominator
 rational equations
 rational expression reduced to lowest term
 rational expressions
 rational expressions or fraction
 rational expressions solved problems
 rational functions
 rational inequalities
 rational linear equations
 rational numbers
 rational numbers definition
 rational polynomial expression
 rationalizing denominator
 ratios of sides of right triangle
 ratios properties
 rays originating at focus reflect parallel to axis of parabolic mirror
 real and imaginary parts
 real arguments
 real axis
 real axis of hyperbola
 real coefficients
 real function
 real number line
 real number line and relations
 real number system
 real numbers
 real part
 real part of complex number
 real power series in x around origin
 real roots
 real roots of quadratic function
 real valued function
 real values
 real variable
 real-valued functions of real variable
 reciprocal function
 reciprocal of cosine function
 reciprocal of fraction
 reciprocal of sine function
 reciprocal rule
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