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 area of sector of curve in polar coordinates
 area of sector of parametric curve
 area of segment
 area of square
 area of square of hypotenuse
 area of the sector of arc
 area of trapezoid
 area of trapezoid given its four sides
 area of trapezoid given two parallel sides and angles at ends of longer base
 area of triangle
 area of triangle formulas
 area of triangle in Cartesian coordinates
 area of triangle in coordinate plane
 area of triangle in rectangular coordinates
 area of triangle in terms of inscribed circle or incircle
 area of triangle made by points of contact of tangents and centre of circle
 area of triangle tangent at point forms with asymptotes
 area of triangle tangent at point on hyperbola forms with asymptotes
 area of triangle tangent to ellipse forms by coordinate axes
 area of triangle tangents form with asymptote of hyperbola
 area under graph of quadratic function 
 areas of regions between graph of f and x-axis
 argument of complex number
 argument of function
 argument of trigonometric functions given in radians
 arithmetic progression
 arithmetic sequence
 arithmetic sequence solved problems
 arithmetic series
 arrow or tip of difference of two vectors coincide with tip of first vector
 as x approaches infinity remainder vanishes
 associating unique number of codomain
 associative law
 assume statement is true
 assuming that formula holds for all positive integers
 assuming that statement is true
 asymptote is line curve approaches not crosses
 asymptote is tangent to curve at infinity
 asymptote line curve approaches but does not crosses 
 asymptote to be tangent to curve at infinity
 asymptotes inclined to x-axis
 asymptotes of equilateral hyperbola
 asymptotes of hyperbola
 asymptotes of translated hyperbola
 average rate of change of function
 average value of function over given interval
 axes of symmetry
 axis of cone
 axis of parabola parallel to x-axis
 axis of parabola parallel to y-axis
 axis of symmetry
 axis of symmetry of parabola
 axis of symmetry of quadratic function
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