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 arc length equal to radius
 arc length measures in radians
 arc length of curve in polar coordinates
 arc length of parametric curve
 arc of unit circle
 arc of unit circle measured counter-clockwise from x-axis
 arc or Latin arcus
 arc secant function is inverse of secant function
 arc tan x function inverse of tangent function
 arc to angle conversion
 arc to circumference ratio
 arc x argument of trigonometric functions
 arc x function value of cosine equals a
 arc x function value of cotangent equals a
 arc x function value of sine equals a
 arc x function value of tangent equals a
 arc x of unit circle
 arc x of which function value equals a
 arc-cosecant function
 arc-cosecant function and arc-secant function
 arc-cosine function
 arc-cosine function y = arc cos x
 arc-cotangent function
 arc-cotangent function y = arc cot x
 arc-function value is arc
 arcs from first quadrant
 arcs from fourth quadrant
 arcs from second quadrant
 arcs from third quadrant
 arcs multipliers of pi/6 and pi/4
 arc-secant function
 arc-sine function 
 arc-sine function and arc-cosine function
 arc-sine function y = arc sin x
 arc-tangent and arc-cotangent identities
 arc-tangent function
 arc-tangent function and arc-cotangent function
 arc-tangent function y = arc tan x
 area between graph of function and x-axis over closed interval
 area between the graph of curve and coordinate axis
 area between two curves
 area bounded by parametric curve
 area enclosed by graph of  function and x-axis
 area of annulus
 area of annulus segment
 area of base
 area of Cartesian plane bounded by given lines
 area of circle
 area of circular sector
 area of circular segment
 area of cyclic quadrilateral 
 area of deltoid
 area of equilateral triangle
 area of intersection
 area of intersection of two circles
 area of isosceles trapezoid
 area of parallelogram
 area of rectangle
 area of region beneath the graph
 area of region in plane
 area of regular polygons
 area of rhombus
 area of sector
 area of sector of curve given in Cartesian or rectangular coordinates
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