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 addition of complex numbers
 addition of matrix
 addition of polynomials
 addition of rational expressions
 addition of vectors
 addition sign
 additional condition
 additional or extraneous solutions
 additive inverse
 adjacent side
 adjacent side to hypotenuse
 adjacent to opposite side
 adjoint matrix
 age problems
 algebraic expressions
 algebraic expressions involving parentheses
 algebraic expressions preliminaries
 algebraic form of complex number
 algebraic functions
 algebraic functions and transcendental functions
 algebraic solution of compound inequality
 algebraic sum of areas
 algebraic terms
 algebraic terms containing variables and constants
 alternate angles
 alternate sequence of partial sums
 alternately proportional
 alternating series
 alternating series test
 alternating sum of products
 alternating sum of products of elements
 altitude of equilateral triangle
 altitude of side of triangle
 altitude of triangle
 altitude of triangle is line segment through vertex perpendicular to opposite side
 altitudes intersect at triangle’s orthocentre
 amount after n years
 amount of deposited money
 amount of interest
 amount of interest after n years
 amount of interest bank pays
 amount of money deposited
 analytic geometry contents
 AND conjunction
 AND gate
 angle between diagonals
 angle between ellipse and hyperbola
 angle between focal distance and perpendicular to directrix of parabola
 angle between focal radii
 angle between focal radii at point of ellipse
 angle between focal radii of hyperbola
 angle between lateral edge and base
 angle between line and circle
 angle between line and plane
 angle between lines
 angle between position vector and x-axis
 angle between tangent line and positive direction of x-axis
 angle between tangents
 angle between tangents at intersection point
 angle between tangents at intersection point of circles
 angle between tangents at point of intersection
 angle between tangents example
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