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 sphere inscribed in cone
 spherical cap
 spherical sector
 spherical segment
 square bracket
 square bracket indicates inclusion of the endpoint of interval
 square inscribed inside circle
 square matrices
 square matrix
 square of binomial
 square of magnitude of vector
 square of product
 square of quotient
 square of trinomial
 square pyramid
 square root
 square root function
 square root radical expression
 square roots
 squaring trinomial
 squeeze rule
 standard equation of ellipse
 standard equation of hyperbola
 standard form of equation of ellipse
 standard form of equation of hyperbola
 standard form of equation of parabola
 standard form of polynomial
 standard position
 standard position of angle
 start amount
 start point or tail of vector
 statement is true
 statement is true for all positive integers
 stationary points
 stationary points of function
 straight angle
 straight line
 straight line through vertex 
 straight sides
 strictly monotone
 sub determinant
 sub-normal of parabola
 subtangent and subnormal
 sub-tangent of exponential function
 subtangent of parabola
 subtangent of power function 
 subset of integers
 subset of k elements out of set of n elements
 subset of r elements out of n
 substituting given data
 substitution and definite integration
 substitution method
 substitution rule
 substitution rule definition
 subtangent and subnormal
 subtended by arc
 subtended by the same arc
 subtracting decimals
 subtracting fractions
 subtracting like fractions
 subtracting radicals
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