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 simplifying fractions
 simplifying multiplication
 simplifying radical exponents
 simplifying radical expressions
 simplifying rational expressions
 simplifying rational function
 simultaneous equations in two unknowns
 simultaneous equations solved graphically
 simultaneous linear equations
 simultaneous linear equations solved graphically
 sin x
 sin x is y-coordinate of terminal point of arc x
 sine and cosine functions relations
 sine and cosine laws use
 sine and cosine laws use solved problems
 sine curve
 sine curve is sinusoid
 sine function
 sine function and cosine function graphs and relations
 sine function and cosine function relations
 sine function is bounded between lines y = -1 and y = 1
 sine law
 sine law examples
 sine law or sine rule
 sine of acute angle
 sine of an angle
 sine of angle in right triangle
 sine of arc x is ordinate of arc endpoint
 sine rule
 single cone
 single equation with single unknown
 single equation with single variable
 single rational inequality
 single solution
 single terms
 six faces of cube numbered from 1 to 6
 sketching geometric figure
 sketching parametric curve
 skew lines
 slant asymptote definition
 slant asymptotes
 slant height
 slant height of cone
 slant or oblique asymptote of rational function
 slanting edge of cone
 slope m
 slope of curve
 slope of focal chord
 slope of line
 slope of line is ratio of its vertical change to its horizontal change
 slope of line is tangent of angle between direction of line and x-axis
 slope of line tangent to curve at point
 slope of linear function
 slope of normal
 slope of normal to parabola
 slope of one line is negative reciprocal of other
 slope of polar
 slope of radical line
 slope of secant line of ellipse through points of contact
 slope of tangent
 slope of tangent line
 slope of tangent line at given point of function
 slope of tangent line at point of function
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