Beginning Algebra Contents C
      Linear Equations
      Linear equation
         Solving linear equations
      Applications of the linear equations, word problems
         Numbers word problem
         Geometry and physics word problems
      Linear Inequalities
         Inequality signs
      Properties of inequalities
         Solving linear inequalities
      Terms, the degree of a polynomial
      Addition and subtraction of polynomials
      Multiplication of polynomials
      Division of polynomials
         Factoring, factoring by grouping, GCF (Greatest Common Factor)
         Factoring trinomials and polynomials
      Rational Expressions
      Simplification of rational expressions, reducing to lowest terms
      Multiplication and division of rational expressions
      Addition and subtraction of rational expressions
         Solving complex rational expressions
      The Rectangular (Two-dimensional, Cartesian) Coordinate System
      Rectangular coordinate axes, x-axis and y-axis, origin, quadrants
         Ordered pair (x, y), coordinates of a point (abscissa x, ordinate y)
         Midpoint of a line segment
     Graphing Linear Equation, Linear Function (First Degree Polynomial)
      Linear function f (x) = mx + c
         The graph of the linear function
         Slope or gradient, y-intercept and x-intercept
      Slope-intercept form of a line
      Properties of the linear function
         Lines parallel to the axes, horizontal and vertical lines
      The point-slope form of a line
         Parallel and perpendicular lines
         General form of the equation of a line
      The two point form of the equation of a line
     Interest Calculations
      Simple interest
      Amount of interest, principal (start amount), interest rate and amount after n years
Beginning Algebra Contents
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