Beginning Algebra Contents B
      Properties of Real Numbers
      Exponentiation - Powers or Indices
      Integral exponentiation - integer exponents
      Square or the second power (potency)
         The square of a product and quotient
      The rules for the manipulation of powers - Fundamental laws of exponents (Index laws)
         Adding and subtracting same powers
         Multiplying like bases with exponents
         Dividing like bases with exponents
         Zero as an exponent
         Power rule for exponents
         A product raised to an exponent
         A quotient raised to an exponent
         Negative exponents
       Simplifying an exponential expression
       Scientific notation
      Quadratic equation  x2 = aa > 0
      Square root
      Properties of square roots
      Adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing square roots
      Rationalizing a denominator
      The graph of the quadratic function  f (x) = x2
      Translation of the source quadratic function in the direction of the y-axis,
         Quadratic function of the form  f (x) = x2 + y0
      The principal square root function - the inverse of the square of x (quadratic) function
      Definition of the inverse function
      The graph of the principal square root function
      Translation of the principal square root function in the direction of the x-axis
      Algebraic Expressions
      Terms, variables, constants - coefficients
      Monomial, binomial, trinomial,  . . . , polynomial
         Simplifying algebraic expressions
      Evaluating algebraic expressions
         Expanding algebraic expression by removing parentheses (i.e. brackets)
      Factoring algebraic expressions, methods
         Factoring and expanding algebraic expressions, rules for transforming algebraic expressions
      Ratios and Proportions
         Ratios and proportion properties
         Direct proportion
         Cross product, means and extremes
         Graphical representation of proportionality
      Proportion practice problems, use of the rule of three
         Inverse proportion
      Graphical representation of inverse proportionality
         Coefficient of inverse proportionality
         Inverse proportion practice problems
      Percentage, Percent
      Percent, decimal number and fraction conversions
         Percent - base, rate and portion (part or amount)
      Basic percent formulas
         Percent problems
         Percent increase or decrease
Beginning Algebra Contents
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