Beginning Algebra Contents A
      The Set of Real Numbers - The Real Number System
      Sets of Numbers:
      Natural numbers
         Whole numbers
      Rational numbers
      Irrational numbers
      Real numbers
     The Real Number Line, and Relations
      One-dimensional coordinate system
         Unit interval
         Relations, less than and greater than
      Interval definition and notation
         Distance and absolute value
         Distance between two numbers
      Properties of absolute value
         Midpoint formula for the real number line
      Natural Numbers and Integers - The Basic Operations
      Addition and subtraction
      Multiplication and division
         Order of operations
         The divisibility rules
      Prime and composite numbers
         Prime factorization
      The greatest common divisor/factor (GCD/GCF)
      The least common multiple (LCM)
      Proper and improper fractions
         Mixed numbers
      Converting mixed numbers to improper fractions
      Converting improper fractions to mixed numbers
         Equivalent fractions
         Comparing fractions
      Converting and reducing fractions
         Lowest terms
      Decimal fractions
         Adding and subtracting like fractions
      Adding and subtracting fractions
      Multiplying fractions
      Dividing fractions
         Simplifying complex fractions
      Decimal Numbers
      Decimal representation of rational numbers or fractions
         Expanded form of decimal number, decimal fractions
         Whole number part or integer part (integral part) and decimal places
      Terminating decimals
      Recurring decimals (Infinite decimals, period)
         Purely recurring decimals
         Mixed recurring decimals
      Converting decimal number to a fraction
         Converting terminating decimal to a fraction
         Converting the purely recurring decimal to a fraction
         Converting the mixed recurring decimal to a fraction
      Adding and subtracting decimals
      Multiplying and dividing decimals by power of ten
         Place values and place holders
         Multiplying and dividing decimals by decimal units
      Decimal numbers scientific notation
      Multiplication of decimal numbers
      Division of decimal numbers
      Rational Numbers
      Comparing rational numbers
         Equivalent fractions
         Reducing or simplifying fractions
      Adding and subtracting rational numbers or fractions
      Multiplication of rational numbers
         Reciprocal fractions, multiplicative inverse
      Division of rational numbers
         Simplifying complex or compound fractions
Beginning Algebra Contents
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