Beginning Algebra Contents
      Definition of a set and notation
          Set membership
          Set builder notation
      Cardinal number
      Ordinal number
         Equal sets
         The empty set or the null set
      Universal set or universe
      Power set
      Operations on Sets and Venn Diagrams
      Union, intersection and difference
         Partition of a set
      The fundamental laws of the algebra of sets
      Sets and Logic
      The "and", the conjunction or the logical product
      The "or", the disjunction or the logical sum
      Logical negation
      The Cartesian product
         The domain and the range
         Relation on a set
      Reflexive, symmetric, transitive and equivalent relation
      Boolean Algebra
         Basic theorems
      Boolean operations on sets
      Logic Gates and Circuits
      The "AND" gate, the "OR" gate and the "NOT" gate
      Binary Numbers System
      Binary to decimal conversion
         Decimal to binary conversion
      Binary addition
         The half adder
      The Binary addition circuit - the full adder
         Binary subtraction
      The method of subtraction by adding the complement of the subtrahend applied to decimals
         The method of subtraction by adding the complement of the subtrahend applied to binary numbers
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