Beginning Algebra Contents D
     Plane Geometry - Sets of Points in a Plane
      Line, a half-line and line segment
         The line segment bisector
         Angle, measurement of angles
      Complementary, supplementary, alternate and vertically opposite angles
         Angle bisector
      Construction of angles; 60°, 30°, 90° and 45° (degrees)
Plane Geometry – Plane Figures
      Types of triangles
         Main properties of triangles
      Congruence of triangles
         Theorems about congruence
      Similarity of triangles, division of a line segment in a given ratio
         Similarity criteria of triangles
      Area of a triangle
     Right-angled Triangle - The Pythagorean Theorem
      The Pythagorean theorem
      Trigonometric functions of an acute angle defined in a right triangle
         Solving the right triangle
     Equilateral and Isosceles Triangle
      Equilateral triangle
      Isosceles triangle
     Oblique or Scalene Triangle
      Properties and rules of trisngle
         Perpendicular bisectors, triangles circumcenter
      Angle bisectors, the center of the triangle’s incircle
         The median, the centroid of a triangle
      The altitude of a triangle, orthocenter
      Triangle formulas
         Similarity and congruence of triangles use
         Kite or deltoid
         Trapezium or trapezoid
         Isosceles trapezoid
         Cyclic quadrilateral
         Tangential quadrilateral
     Regular polygons
      Central angle, inscribed angle
         Construction of a tangent from a point
         Circumference, length of an arc
      Circle and circular sector
         Circular segment
      Annulus and annulus segment
Beginning Algebra Contents
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