College algebra contents C
     Linear Function
      The linear function  f (x) = mx + c
         The graph of the linear function
         Properties of the linear function
     Absolute Value Functions and Equations
         The graph of the absolute value function  f (x) = | x |
      The graph of absolute value of a linear function  f (x) = | ax+ b |
         Linear equation with absolute value, graphic solution
     Absolute Value Inequalities
      Solving linear inequalities with absolute value
     Equations of Straight Line
         Slope of a line
      Slope-intercept form of a line
         The point-slope form of a line
      The two points form of the equation of a line
         Parallel and perpendicular lines
     Simultaneous Linear Equations
      System of two linear equations in two unknowns (variables)
         The system has, a single solution, no solution or has infinitely many solutions
         Solving systems of equations
      Substitution and comparison method
         Addition or elimination method
      System of linear equations word problems
      Solving systems of equations graphically
         Independent equations, inconsistent equations and dependent equations
      Cramer’s rule (using determinants) to solve systems of linear equations
         Solving system of two equations in two unknowns using Cramer's rule
         Solving system of three equations in three unknowns using Cramer's rule
      Method of expanding a determinant of a rank n to cofactors
     Systems of Linear Inequalities
      Solving and graphing systems of linear inequalities
      Solving and graphing systems of linear inequalities in two variables
     Rational Inequalities
      Method of solving rational inequalities
      The graph of the translated equilateral (or rectangular) hyperbola
     Polynomial and/or Polynomial Functions and Equations
      Definition of a polynomial or polynomial function
         Division of polynomials
      Factoring polynomials and solving polynomial equations by factoring
         Solving quadratic and cubic equations by factoring, examples
      Polynomial functions
         Source or original polynomial function
         Translating (parallel shifting) of the polynomial function
         Coordinates of translations and their role in the polynomial expression
         Transformations of the polynomial function applied to the quadratic and cubic functions
      Roots or zeros of polynomial function
      Graphing polynomial functions
         Zero polynomial
         Constant function
         Linear function
      Quadratic Function and Equation
         The graph of quadratic function
         Translated form of quadratic function
         The sum and product of the roots
         Vertex (the turning point, maximum or minimum) - coordinates of translations
         Transformations of the graph of the quadratic function
      Quadratic equation word problems
      Cubic Functions
         Graphs of cubic functions
         Graphing a cubic function, example
      Sigma notation of the polynomial
         Coefficients of the source polynomial in the form of a recursive formula
         Coefficients of the source polynomial function are related to its derivative at x0
College algebra contents
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