College algebra contents D
     Binomial equations
      Solving binomial equations
     Equations reducible to quadratic,  bi-quadratic equations
      Solving equations reducible to quadratic
     Quadratic inequalities
      Solving quadratic inequalities
      Graphic solution of quadratic inequalities
     Absolute value equations, quadratic equations and functions
      Solving quadratic equations with absolute value
      Graphing absolute value functions or equations, examples
     Radical or irrational equations
      Solving irrational or radical equations
     Rational Functions
      Basic properties of rational functions
      The graph of the reciprocal function, equilateral or rectangular hyperbola
         Translation of the reciprocal function, linear rational function
      Graphing rational functions
         Vertical asymptotes of rational functions
         Horizontal asymptotes of rational functions
         The oblique or slant asymptote of rational functions
         Graphs of rational functions, examples
     Exponential and Logarithmic Functions and Equations
         Inverse functions
      Exponential functions
      Logarithmic functions
         Translated logarithmic and exponential functions
         Rules and properties of logarithms
         Natural logarithm, common logarithm
         Changing the base different logarithmic identities
      Exponential and logarithmic equations
         Solving exponential and logarithmic equations
         Exponential equations
         Logarithmic equations
College algebra contents
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