Pre-calculus Contents  B
     Quadratic Equations and Quadratic Function
      Quadratic equation
         Solving quadratic equations by completing the square, the quadratic formula
         Solving quadratic equations by factoring, Vieta's formula
      Quadratic function or the second-degree polynomial
         Vertex (maximum/minimum) - coordinates of translation
         Roots or zeros of the function, axis of symmetry and y-intercept
      Transformations of the quadratic function's expression
      Graphing a quadratic function
         Transformations of the graph of the quadratic function
      Quadratic inequalities
         Solving quadratic inequalities
         Graphic solution of quadratic inequalities
      Binomial equations
         Solving binomial equations
      Equations reducible to quadratic, bi-quadratic equations
         Solving equations reducible to quadratic
      Absolute value equations, quadratic equations and functions
         Solving quadratic equations with absolute value
         Graphing absolute value functions or equations, examples
      Radical or irrational equations
         Solving irrational or radical equations
      Rectangular (Two-dimensional, Cartesian) Coordinate System
         Coordinate axes, x-axis and y-axis, origin, quadrants
         Points in the Coordinate plane
         Midpoint of a line segment
         The distance formula
         Dividing a line segment in a given ratio
         The area of a triangle
         The coordinates of the centroid of a triangle
      Lines parallel to the axes, horizontal and vertical lines
      Polar Coordinate System
         Polar and Cartesian coordinates relations
         Conversion from polar to rectangular coordinates
         Conversion from rectangular to polar coordinates
      Polar coordinates of a point
      Equation of a line in polar form
         Lines parallel to the axes, horizontal and vertical lines
         Lines running through the origin or pole (radial lines)
         Polar equation of a line
      Equation of a circle in polar form
         General equation of a circle in polar coordinates
         Polar equation of a circle with a center on the polar axis running through the pole
         Polar equation of a circle with a center at the pole
Pre-calculus Contents
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