Pre-calculus Contents A
      The set of real numbers
         Rational numbers
         Irrational numbers
    The real number line and relations
         Interval definition and notation
         Distance and absolute value
      Properties of the real numbers
         Order of operations
      Absolute value equations
      Linear Inequalities
      Absolute value inequalities
      Algebraic expressions
         Expanding algebraic expression by removing parentheses
         The binomial expansion algorithm
         Factoring and expanding algebraic expressions, rules for transforming algebraic expressions
         Factoring quadratic trinomials
         Factoring polynomials
      Rational expressions
         Solving complex rational expressions
      Imaginary and Complex Numbers
         Addition and subtraction of complex numbers
         Multiplication and division of complex numbers
      Polar or trigonometric notation of complex numbers
         Multiplication and division of complex numbers in the polar form
         Exponentiation and root extraction of complex numbers in the polar form
         Powers and roots of complex numbers, use of de Moivre’s formulas
      Euler’s formula, relationship between trigonometric functions and the complex exponential function
      Linear equation in one variable
         Solving linear equations
         Linear equation in one variable, examples
      Linear Inequalities
         Solving inequalities
         Properties of inequalities
         Examples of solving single linear inequalities
         Solving compound (double) inequalities
      Equations with Rational Expressions
         Solving rational equations
         Rational equations - Linear equations
      Rational Inequalities
         Method of solving rational inequalities
         The graph of the translated equilateral (or rectangular) hyperbola
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