Matrices, Determinants and Systems of Linear Equations
     Matrices and Determinants
      Matrix definition
         Square matrices
         The identity matrix
      The transpose of a matrix
      Basic matrix operations
         Matrix addition and subtraction
         Scalar multiplication of a matrix
         Matrix multiplication
         The matrix-vector product
      The determinant of a matrix
         Expanding a determinant by cofactors
         Calculating the value of a determinant
         The determinant of a 2-by-2 matrix
         The determinant of a 3-by-3 matrix
         Properties of determinants
      The inverse of a matrix
     Systems of Linear Equations
      Solving systems of equations using matrices
         Inverse matrix method
         Cramer’s rule
         Cramer’s Rule and inverse matrix method correlation
      Cramer’s rule (using the determinant) to solve systems of linear equations
         Solving system of two equations in two unknowns using Cramer's rule
         Solving system of three equations in three unknowns using Cramer's rule
      Method of expanding a determinant of a rank n by cofactors
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