Integral calculus
     The indefinite integral
      Integrating irrational functions
         Integration of irrational functions, examples
Integrating irrational functions
Integrals of the form
where, R is a rational function and,  p1, q1, p2, q2, . . . are integers,  
we can solve using substitution
where the power n is the least common multiple of  q1, q2, . . . .
Integration of irrational functions examples
Example:  74. Evaluate
Example:  75. Evaluate
Note that here we used the Ostrogradsky method and the solution of I2 already evaluated, see above.
Integration of irrational functions of the form
where Pn(x) is an n-th degree polynomial.
where Qn - 1(x) is an (n - 1) -th degree polynomial of undetermined coefficients and l is a constant.
Coefficients of the polynomial Q and the constant l we obtain by deriving the above identity.
Example:  76. Evaluate
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