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The author's brief overview of the website contents
Throughout chapters and sections each topic is explored clear using sufficient examples often provided with a suitable illustration, always having in mind a reader who for the first time encounters the subject.
This approach comes from my personal experience based on more than 40 years of successful tutoring students mathematics of all levels and different mathematical background knowledge.
Since my primary objective was to enable everyone succeed in learning mathematics I used my best to explain all material clear, providing enough carefully chosen examples and illustrations designed everything myself.
The use of the website
Let me offer an advice and some suggestions.
A student should consider mathematics as the best tool to build self-confidence and intellectual growth since, in comparison with other disciplines, it shows quick, measurable and noticeable improvement.
First test your knowledge objectively to find the right place or level where you should begin studying.
The content of each chapter is set out to lead students to make progress an easy way. A student should be proud and happy solving any problem alone.
Depending on chosen pace, the entire contents of all three given levels, College, Pre Calculus and Calculus, should be mastered optimally within a period of two to four years.
Students should consider the contents of each level as whole only when accompanied by the solved problems. Moreover, I encourage advanced students to choose any of the two groups of solved problems shown on the home page, as powerful self-study guide.
In my opinion, everyone mastering all three given levels of mathematics will be able to succeed in any desired profession since the explored material helps students develop universal skills, knowledge and intelligence.
Or said on other way, everyone who masters mathematics wide opens the door of success.
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