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The author of the website
Vladimir Serdarushich received MSc degree from Zagreb University, Croatia. He has taught mathematics and computer programming at high school for more than 30 years.
He is also the author of high school level textbooks of mathematical topics relating to algebra, pre calculus and calculus, and has also published widely used textbooks relating to computer programming.
The publishing company, Nabla ltd. is established in 1993 by Vladimir Serdarushich.
The website
It is sincere hope of the author that the content of the website will not only prove valuable for students and teachers at all levels from secondary school to masters degree, but also to anyone seeking a self-teaching guide or someone looking for self-improvements.
The content is arranged by education levels and by topics to suits the needs of readers.
Each chapter and section of a particular topic is explained beginning with clear and concise statements of definitions followed by series of examples often additionally explained by a picture.
For the same reason, from the contents extracted are fully explained solved problems divided to two 
  categories,     Solved problems from the beginning to high school (930-plus fully solved problems)
           and       Solved problems from high school to the master's degree (750-plus fully solved problems).
The theory about polynomial and polynomial functions, revealed on the home page, is not only thoroughly explored throughout the contents but shown are the concrete benefits the theory brings.
Observe that the content of the website is exclusively intended for personal use and is copyright protected.
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