Publisher of books and software in mathematics and computer science
The company was founded in 1993 by its current CEO, Vladimir Serdarushich.
We specialize in the publication of high school textbooks, workbooks and examination preparation books in mathematics and computer science.
Our books are written to provide a complete detailed knowledge of the subject along with proper explanations and are also clear and easily understandable. They best suit educational criteria and the needs of students by providing them the complete guidance and solutions.
We enable students to achieve greater goals, improve skills, and increase self-confidence.
In order to achieve our objective of excellence and innovation in education, our mathematics and computer science programs with a proven track record, integrate current research, developments and trends in learning and teaching.
For the past 17 years Nabla has been identified with high quality textbooks, workbooks and examination preparation books.
Our books, learning tools and resources help students, teachers and professionals evolve throughout their careers by expanding their knowledge, developing universal skills and realizing their potential.
Finally, not only we should spread the world with love, each of us has to develop and use gifted talent as we owe that to the Lord.
There is nothing more rewarding then being able to help someone realize their dreams.
We wish you success.
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